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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Plant Science Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory
Full Name Title Specialty Department
Bushoven, John Department Chair Horticultural Science
Bansal, Sangeeta Assistant Professor Soil Science
Benes, Sharon Professor Soil Science
Bentley, Walter Lecturer Economic Entomology
Brar, Gurreet Associate Professor Pomology
Cassel Sharma, Florence Professor Irrigation Science
Ellis, Margaret Associate Professor Plant Pathology
Estrada, Maria Lecturer Crop Breeding
Fam, Magdy Lecturer Agricultural Sciences
Goorahoo, Dave Professor Olericulture
Hadevi, Faranak Lecturer Pomology
Hendrickson, Jill Lecturer Agriculture Writing
Hurst, Jacob Lecturer Agriculture
McKenna, Chris Lecturer Mechanized Agriculture
Mosqueda, Elizabeth Lecturer Integrated Pest Management
Nishinaka, Ron Lecturer Horticulture
Ramirez, Yesenia Lecturer Mechanized Agriculture
Riar, Ranjit Assistant Professor Agronomy
Roy, Robert Lecturer Horticulture
Shrestha, Anil Professor Weed Science
Sowers, Michael Lecturer Soil Science
Stoltz, Richard Lecturer Horticulture
Tweedy, Jennifer Lecturer Floriculture
Vasconcellos, Donald Lecturer Crop Science
Wenger, Jacob Associate Professor Economic Entomology
Williams, John Lecturer Mechanized Agriculture


Marlene Miyasaki, Department Office

Geoff Dervishian, Research Technician

Gary Chavira, Vegetable/Row Crops

Calliope Correia, M.Sc. - Greenhouse/Nursery Crops

Robert Willmott - Orchard Crops 

* Sayed Badr, Ph.D. - Plant Science/Viticulture

Earl Bowerman, Ph.D. - Pomology 

* James Brownell, Ph.D. - Soils 

* Bendt From, M.Sc. - Mechanized Agriculture

Ken Heupel, M.A. - Mechanized Agriculture

Mahlon Hile, Ph.D. - Olericulture

* Harry Karle, Ph.D. - Plant Pathology 

* Gary Koch, Ph.D. - Horticulture 

Charles Krauter, Ph.D. - Soil Science 

Howard Martin, M.Sc.- Mechanized Agriculture

Arthur Olney, Ph.D. - Ornamental Horticulture

* Gary Ritenour, Ph.D. - Weed Science

Bruce Roberts, Ph.D. - Agronomy

* Julian Whaley, Ph.D.- Plant Pathology


* Deceased