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Ag One Foundation

Andrew Cummings and family and Ag One staff and board members with new campus farm donation (alfafa rake)

Ag One Endowment Funds

Endowed funds through the Ag One Foundation support students, faculty and programs in the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. Today, there are over $26.7 million in endowed funds and more than $950,000 will be awarded during the 2021-22 academic year.

Ag One scholarship funds are granted through the general University Scholarships program maintained by the Division of Student Affairs. For application information, visit the University Scholarships website at

To view Scholarship Endowments for specific majors please visit the Deparments below:

To view other Endowments that support the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology please visit the link below:


Endowed Funds

Ag Foundation Fresno State
Ag One General
Marilyn Pool Allen
Allied Grape Growers - Robert "Bob" McInturf
American Vineyard Magazine
American Vineyard/Vegetables West Magazines, Richard Malcolm Memorial
Ted L. and Rosalie C. Anderson Memorial
Bryan R. Anthony Memorial
Ed Baloian
Jesse T. Bell
Mahendra and Surjit Bhangoo and Family
Eshan Bhardwaj Memorial
Nick W. and Els Blom Family
Ross Borba, Sr. Family
Dean Charles Boyer
Shirley Harnish Brinker Quasi
Britton Family
Nick Buratovich - Superb BBQ Committee
Cal Almond/Morven Partners
California Creamery Operators Association
California Dairy Industries Association, San Joaquin Section
Antonio "Tony" Campos
Jack and Ann Chappell Memorial
Mike Ciccarelli Memorial
Clovis Community Agriculture
Vernon Conrad
Dave Cosyns Memorial
Sidney B. “Sid” Cox
Penn Cummings Memorial - T.G. Schmeiser
William C. “Bill” and Sharon Cutting
DiBuduo Family
Katherine Sigera and Teja Singh Dillon Family
Gary Dinsdale Memorial
Lloyd Dowler
Joe, Evelyn, and Michael Enos Memorial
Carl and Barbara Fanucchi
Adelaide K. Fichtner Family
Gerald and Marion Forrest
Jesse and Mabel Forrest Memorial
Max and Verda Foster Memorial
David L. and Bernice Fraysher
Fresno Cotton Wives
Fresno County Farm Bureau 
Fresno Equipment Company, Mark Vucovich
K.C. Fugelsang/C.J. Muller Enology
Elmo M. Giampaoli Memorial
Bert Giguiere
Robert J. Glim
John and Carol Gorter
Gary Grannis Memorial
Ralph and Lisa Hackett
Dr. John W. Hagen
Halemeier Family, Earl and Beverly Hall - Rodeo Team Endowment 
Jess and Joan Hansen
Walter W. Harpain Memorial
H. J. Heinz Company 
Linda Tayian and Mark Hurst Family
George F. Ilg Family
Isheim Family
Roy Isom Memorial
Ryan and Ashley Jacobsen
Rodger B. Jensen
Bill Jones Leadership Development Program
Bud, Dee and Lowell Jordan Research Support
Lowell A. Jordan and Jordan Family
Harry P. Karle Family
Arden S. Kashishian Memorial
Earl and Beverly Knobloch
Clyde V. and Jessie E. Kohrs Memorial
Harry Kubo
James C. Kuhtz Memorial
Richard and Saralee Kunde - Sonoma Grapevines, Inc.
John P. "Phil" Larson
Fernando C. “Fred” Machado
Dick Markarian
Dennis Martin Memorial
Matoian Family FarmsMeat Science Laboratory Scholarship
Edna and Henry Metzler
Meyers Livestock Judging Team
Dr. Dwight MinamiDr. Harry B. Moordigian, Jr.
Frank Moradian Memorial
Henry and Ann Moradian Memorial
Karen Morais Memorial
Raymond J. and Mary Helen Maul
Evins R. Naman
Richard Norton Memorial
Olam Spices
Robert O'Rourke Memorial
P-R Farms, Inc.
Parnagian Family
Don and Terri (Forrest) Parriera
Karnig and Leon S. Peters
Leon S. Peters Foundation
Richard Peters
Dr. Vincent E. Petrucci
Juliana and Carl L. Pherson
Dino Pollastrini
Ron Radoicich Memorial
Raisin Bargaining Association
Raisin Wives of California
Ranchers Cotton Oil - Earl J. Cecil
Virgil E. Rasmussen
Fred Rau
RCO Ag Credit, Inc.
RCO Ag Credit, Inc./ Glen N. Janzen
Pat and Vinci Ricchiuti
Rodeo Team
Dr. Richard Rogers Memorial
Ed Rose - 25th Anniversary Ag One Founders
Professor Edwin J. Rousek
Fred R. Ruiz
S & J Ranch
San Joaquin Valley Winemakers
Jason and Nicole Sanders - Rodeo Team Endowment 
Pete Scott/NAMA Ag Business
Robert Sinclair Scott, Scott Labs
Robert J. Selkirk Memorial
Dr. Charles M. Smallwood Family
Galen Smith Memorial
Earl and Muriel Smittcamp
Joe Souza
Walter E. “Dub” Staley
Stanislaus County Alumni & Friends
Stanislaus Farm Supply
Dr. Winston Strong Irrigation
Gar and Esther Tootelian
Paul Toste Family Farms
Nancy Shafer Treat Memorial
Dr. Marinus Van Elswyk Memorial
William R. & Joan Verdugo
Dr. Robert Wample
Dean Emerita Sandy Witte Family
Women on Wine, Phylloxera Research
Women on Wine, Riverside
Jack Woolf
James P. and Marjorie N. Wulf
Fred Zurcher Memorial


Additional endowments that support students, faculty and programs in the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Heading Content
Mary K. Alexander Memorial

Awarded to an undergraduate majoring in Child Family & Consumer sciences or Food Science and Nutrition

Alpha Zeta Active Member

Awarded to an active Alpha Zeta member

Richard J. Armas Memorial Agricultural Scholarship

Awarded to an active member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

Kirk A. Baucher Memorial Award

Awarded to students in the Jordan College

Dorothy D. Bliss Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to students majoring in Industrial Technology

William H. Bliss Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student majoring in Industrial Technology

Lee Brand/Burchell Brand Nursery

Awarded to students majoring in Plant Science with an interest in Tree Fruit or Nut Culture

O. Martin Braun Scholarship and Leadership Award

Awarded to a sophomore student majoring in Horticulture

CSUF Viticulture Club Scholarship

Awarded to students majoring in Plant Science and active in the Viticulture Club

Coachella Valley Growers

Awarded to minority students majoring in agriculture

Ethel M. Corn Memorial

Awarded to students majoring in agriculture

Gary L. Crooker Memorial

Awarded to a junior and senior majoring in Ag Business, Animal Science, Ag Education, Child, Family & Consumer Sciences, Food Science & Nutrition, Industrial Technology, Plant Science, or Enology

M. P. Dennison Memorial

Awarded to students majoring in Agricultural Business with preference given to students who indicate a desire to own or operate a farm in the future

Fred & Freda Dietz Memorial

Awarded to a junior or senior with interest in water management or irrigation

Eugene A. Egan Agriculture Scholarship

Awarded to a Jordan College student

Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Ensminger


Awarded to a Junior, Senior or Graduate student majoring in Animal Science 

Walter and Lillian Farrell

Awarded to students from Fresno County

Fig Garden Farm Bureau

Awarded to a graduate of a Fresno County High School majoring in agriculture

Rodney A. Foppiano Memorial

Awarded to students majoring in Enology or Viticulture

Fresno Cotton Exchange Scholarship

Awarded to an entering student from a cotton growing area of California with an interest in cotton growing, ginning, merchandising or technical allied fields

John & Rose and Charles & Rose Garabedian

Awarded to Viticulture students with an interest in grape/raisin production

Garabedian Family (Mike, Helen & Robert)

Awarded to graduate student researching viticulture with emphasis in raisin processing 

Gerner Bros Lone Star Farm Bureau Center Grant

Awarded to a student majoring in Viticulture or Enology

William W. Hansen Memorial

Awarded to students who demonstrate interest in the dairy industry or Ag Education

John M. & Cora G. Harvey

Awarded to graduate students in the Jordan College

John Indart Memorial

Awarded to students majoring in Animal Science or Animal Husbandry

Tom Ishimoto Memorial

Awarded to students majoring in Plant Science

Rodger and Margaret Jensen

Awarded to students majoring in Agricultural Business or Plant Science 

Elizabeth Konigmacher Memorial 

Awarded to students majoring in Child, Family & Consumer Sciences or Food Science & Nutrition

Harry and Nevart Moordigian

Awarded to Junior or Senior undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Viticulture and Enology.

For More Information, Please Visit the Harry and Nevart Moordigian Endowment Page.
J. Posey Miller Memorial

Awarded to two students majoring in agriculture

Ray Provost Memorial Agricultural Scholarship

Awarded to an agriculture student

Nisei Farmers League Kubo
Marc Radin Agricultural Scholarship 

Awarded to students majoring in agriculture who express viticulture as their career objective

Fred P. Roullard
Sparks, Richard and J Henderson Sparks
Homer & Billie Sterios

Awarded to students in the Jordan College

Raymond Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student who graduated from the San Joaquin Valley and plans to major in agriculture

Verne T. Unger Memorial 

Awarded to agriculture students that are graduates from Parlier or Selma High School

Valley Growers Local of Sunsweet Growers, Inc. Scholarship

Awarded to Junior or Senior students majoring in Horticulture

Samuel P. Vallis Enology Scholarship

Awarded to California native students majoring in Viticulture and Enology with intent to seek employment in the California varietal wine industry upon graduation

Senator Rose Ann Vuich

Awarded to incoming Freshman from Tulare or Fresno counties

Senator Rose Ann and William Vuich

Awarded to agriculture majors in the Smittcamp Honors College


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