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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education Faculty Directory

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Faculty Directory
Full Name Title Email
Levi, Annette Interim Department Chair
Adem, Uhuru Lecturer / Rodeo Club Coach
Austin, Annika Lecturer
Bower, Jesse Lecturer
Contreras, Jason Lecturer
Culbertson, Avery Associate Professor
Deniz, Anne Lecturer
Freeman, Clay Lecturer
Freeman, Sharon Assistant Professor
Ganci, Michelle Lecturer
Henson, John Professor
Henson, Judy Lecturer
Iared, Alexandra (Alyx) Lecturer
Iared, Fabio Lecturer
Lopez, Cynthia Lecturer
Maxson, Paul Lecturer
McKeith, Amanda Associate Professor
Mendes, Brad Lecturer
Mendes, Kassie Lecturer
O'Bannon, Gayle Lecturer
Person, Ryan Lecturer
Price, Hannah Lecturer
Rodriguez, Sam Assistant Professor
Tarrant, Katy Associate Professor
Thomas, Michael Professor
Thompson, Kyle Lecturer
Williams-Hopper, Shay Lecturer
Williamson, Scott Professor
Woodard, Kevin Lecturer
Wright, Amanda Lecturer


Sherri Smith, Administrative Assistant

Annika Austin, Sheep Unit Technician

Rose Cracraft, Equine Unit Technician

Taylor Tyler, Meat Science Laboratory Technician

Andrew Ridgway, Dairy Manager

Jesse T. Bell , Animal Science, 1948-1986 (deceased)

John A. Jacobs, Meat Science, 1981-2000 (deceased)

Darren Nelson, 1968 - 1991 (deceased)

Art Parham, 1982-2023

Randy Perry, 1990-2023

Jon D. Robison, Dairy Science, 1996-2015

Anne V. Rodiek, Equine Science, 1984-2013

Richard Rogers, Agricultural Education, 1978-2000 (deceased)

Edwin J. Rousek, Animal Science, 1948-1984 (deceased)

Robert J. Selkirk, 1948-1977 (deceased)

Rosco Vaughn, 2001-2022


John Cordeiro, Sheep Unit / Livestock Judging Team

Floyd Hixson, Poultry Science (1951-1980) (deceased)