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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Research Programs and Institutes

Jordan Agricultural Research Center

As the flagship university in the top agricultural region in the world, Fresno State is a fitting home for a world-class research center to discover and investigate the most advanced concepts and practices of agriculture, food and natural resources. The Jordan Agricultural Research Center at Fresno State fosters collaboration between some of the brightest minds in agriculture, engineering, science and mathematics. The 30,000-square-foot facility (2703 E. Barstow Ave.) reinventing Fresno State as a leading research institution for decades to come and opened in 2016.  Those wishing to potentially participate in sensory evaluation studies conducted by our faculty and staff can sign up here.

Center for Irrigation Technology

Since 1980, Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) staff have worked with the public and private sectors to advance irrigation, water, and energy technologies, tools and management practices. The Center is built on a foundation of innovation focused on testing, applied research, and entrepreneurship, and is a division of the California Water Institute on campus.   

Institute for Food and Agriculture

As an independent research facility, the Institute for Food and Agriculture (IFA) plays a vital role in helping California's agribusinesses meet the challenges posed by an ever-changing and increasingly competitive world. With over 400 different agricultural commodities commercially produced in Fresno County, there are endless opportunities for applied agricultural research, educational outreach and hands-on interactive learning. IFA staff engage with industry, the community and campus faculty and staff from the agribusiness, food science and nutrition, animal science, ag education and entomology areas to host workshops, trainings, conferences, feasibility studies, development, testing and other projects.

Viticulture and Enology Research Center

Faculty, staff and students from the Department of Viticulture and Enology partner with the nation's leading grape, raisin and wine industries to conduct grape and wine research through the campus Viticulture and Enology Research Center (VERC).  The organization's lengthy reputation as a national leader also includes a commitment to education and demonstration events that benefit the community and industry. Students research assistants who gain valuable experience in on-campus laboratories and facilities (that also include an 120-acre vineyard, and the nation's first and still-largest collegiate winery). 

California Agricultural Technology Institute

The Jordan College supports an array of vibrant research endeavors led by both veteran and newly-appointed faculty and staff research scientists. A major campus-based program operates under the California Agricultural Technology Institute (CATI). The institute is dedicated to improving the economic efficiency, productivity and profitability of California agriculture and its allied industries. The Institute includes three centers:

  • The Institute for Food and Agriculture – plays a vital research role in helping California’s agribusiness industry embrace the opportunities and meet the challenges posed by increasingly competitive global trade.
  • The Center for Irrigation Technology – an independent research and testing facility assisting designers, manufacturers and users of irrigation equipment in making the technological advances needed to keep pace with a growing, changing world.
  • The Viticulture and Enology Research Center – serves the grape and wine industry by developing and applying new and emerging technologies in viticulture, enology and their related disciplines.

California State University Agricultural Research Institute

The California State University Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) is a comprehensive applied agricultural and environmental research program joining the California State University's (CSU) four colleges of agriculture and the state's agriculture and natural resources industries and allied business communities.

The ARI fosters the development and evaluation of new and promising technologies that have the potential for improving food safety, environmental stewardship, economic performance, and long-term sustainability of California's agriculture industry. ARI projects and programs build upon a successful record of past applied research accomplishments and augment, enhance, and extend the basic research conducted by the nation's land grant universities.

Water, Energy and Technology Center

The Water, Energy and Technology (WET) Center helps ventures grow healthy businesses starting from innovative ideas to commercially-viable products and services. Since 2007, they have supported water, energy and agricultural technology entrepreneurs through programs (like BlueTechValley and Valley Ventures) and services developed by their experienced team, with the assistance of a diverse network of industry and academic professionals. 

California Water Institute

The California Water Institute (CWI) is located at California State University, Fresno and focuses on all aspects of sustainable water resource management solutions through outreach, entrepreneurship, education, testing, and interdisciplinary research. Fresno State faculty, staff, and students pursue sustainable water resource management solutions through education and research by collaborating with a range of experts. CWI serves as a coordinating portal for all campus water initiatives, including efforts by the Center for Irrigation Technology and Water, Energy and Technology Center.

New Jordan Research Center