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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Almond hull donation & delivery to campus dairy 

Local nut producers team up for nut hulls and shell donation

(May 7, 2020) -- In an effort to help the Fresno State dairy, several members of the Western Agricultural Processors Association (WAPA) and the area tree nut industry have donated a year’s worth of almond hulls and shell for various needs.

In March, the first load of almond shell was delivered to be used to bedding for the cows that needed to be replaced from rains earlier in the month. The dairy expects to receive 18 more loads on a staggered schedule over the next year to also be used as a feed additive.

The association would like to recognize and thank the following members and companies for contributing to this notable effort: Almond Tree Hulling, Braden Hulling, Campos Bros., Central California Almond Growers Association, Cortez Growers, Farmers Coop Almond Huller, Holland Hulling, Minturn Huller Cooperative, Inc., Monte Vista Farming Company, PR Farms, Richard Lara Farms, Sierra Valley Hulling, SunnyGem, LLC, Superior Almond Hulling, The Hulling Company, Treehouse California Almonds, West Valley Hulling, Westside Hulling, and Wonderful Orchards.

Also important to the cause was Western Milling, which donated all of the necessary hauling of the hulls and shell.

The project was initiated at an Ag One Board Meeting when board member and alumnus Pat Ricchuti donated materials for the first load and issued a challenge for other companies to follow suit. The association then reached out to its members for future shipments to aid the University Agricultural Laboratory and its mission to educate and prepare for future generations of agricultural leaders.