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Department of Viticulture and Enology


Viticulture club booth on Preview Day

There are many opportunities for viticulture and enology students to get involved at California State University, Fresno.

The following organizations share an office in the Viticulture and Enology Annex Building on campus.

Upcoming Club Events

Weekly Enology Society Meetings - Thursday evenings in the Fresno State Enology Building during the semester (except on holidays).  21 and older only.  Visit the Enology Society of Fresno's Facebook page for weekly details.  For more information, email:  

About the Clubs

While studying viticulture and enology at Fresno State, many students enhance their academic career by becoming involved in our university's student organizations   Some of our students also participate in the Jordan College of Agricultural Science Ag Ambassador program.


The Viticulture Club, the oldest club on the Fresno State campus, is also one of the most active clubs. Its membership is composed of viticulture, enology and other students from Fresno State who work together on a variety of fun educational, fundraising, and networking activities. Each year in November, our members host their Annual Fall Harvest Dinner, a popular event that brings alumni and friends together and is designed to help raise funds for the new year's annual activities. 

Each year the Viticulture Club also participates in two major FFA statewide events -- the Vine Pruning Contest (February) and the Vine Judging Contest (April) held on the Fresno State campus.  These events are a great way for high school and college students to meet our alumni, who support the club by participating as FFA Contest judges.

From social events to educational forums (with industry guest speakers), to educational field trips to various grape growing regions within our state, the Viticulture Club is hard at work increasing their viticultural knowledge while raising funds for their endowment fund, which supports several annual student scholarships.


Email:                      Link to the Viticulture Club Link Tree 


The Enology Society is an organization for individuals 21 and older with an interest in promoting the education of wine through organoleptic evaluation, lecturers, and tours.  Many upper level enology students join the Society each semester to expand their knowledge of wine.  The Enology Society has a long history at Fresno State and many of our alumni are proud to have served as officers of this organization.

Their weekly meetings include discussions about wine, winemaking styles, and wine regions and often include guest winemakers who provide insight into the world of winemaking.

As a group, Enology Society members also attend numerous professional meetings of the wine industry including the annual Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento.  Their major fundraising event held each spring brings together students and alumni and helps generate funds to support their educational mission and activities for the year.


Email:          Link to the Enology Society of Fresno on Facebook