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Jordan College Advising and Career Development Center

Career Assessment

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Career assessments are tools to help you make good career decisions, but they can't do it all. When using the assessments mentioned below, or any other assessments, keep in mind that they are best used to help you explore careers you may have never considered or even heard of. If a career you are considering doesn't show up on your assessment results, don't panic. You will just want to make sure that you explore that career fully to ensure that it fits well with your unique skills, interests and personality. Most importantly, you need to discuss the results of any career assessment with a trained career counselor either in the Fresno State Career Development Center or the Jordan College Advising & Career Development Center. They can help you make sense of your results and guide you in making a well thought out career development plan.

The Fresno State Career Development Center offers a variety of free assessments to help you clarify your skills, interests, values and personality style.  To learn about what is available, please click HERE.

Check out these additional sites for free on-line career assessments: