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Bill Erysian and student

NATO funds Fresno State project to study pollution to Black Sea

(Sept. 1, 2023) -- The Global Agriculture and Food Security Initiative at Fresno State received a  $378,000 grant from NATO to conduct a three-year study on the control of pollution risks to the Black Sea ecosystem.

Funded through the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, the project begins Sept. 1 and involves collaboration with research organizations in five countries bordering the Black Sea: Black Sea map

  • The Ecocenter for Environmental Protection, Georgia.
  • Kardeniz Technical University, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Turkey.
  • Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation of Ukraine.
  • Atmosphere and Water Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
  • National Institute for Marine Research and Development, Romania.

“This is an exciting and complex project for the Global Agriculture and Food Security Initiative to manage. We are looking forward to addressing some of the environmental challenges facing the Black Sea and the potential impact on food security in the region,” said Dr. Bill Erysian, the director of the initiative. “Helping to engage our Fresno State students in global research initiatives in agriculture and environmental science is part of the core mission.”

The NATO Science for Peace Program enhances civil society and technology to address emerging security challenges and their impact on national security. It connects scientists, experts and officials from NATO and partner nations to work together to address these challenges.

The Global Agriculture and Food Security Initiative was launched in 2022 to empower Fresno State students, faculty, staff, government and military partners to become leaders in international agriculture, scientific research and development projects.

NATO Science for Peace and Securit Programme