The Fresno State Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology took pride in recently announcing its seventh upper division honors cohort with an 11-member junior class that hails from five departments.

The program provides scholarly, creative and motivated Jordan College students with advanced study and mentorship by select faculty. Students will take three honors seminar units and work with a faculty mentor to develop a research project.

As seniors, they will participate in three additional spring-semester honors colloquium units and present their completed project to students, faculty and the campus community. Jordan College honor students will receive incentives such as priority registration, extended borrowing time for library materials and special recognition at commencement.

Candidates, which were reviewed by the Jordan Council Honors Council, must be a Fresno State student for at least one term; have a minimum GPA of 3.5 for their last 60 units; submit a personal statement with references, writing sample and resume; and participate in a personal interview. 

The students, research areas and faculty mentors include:

Agricultural Business

  • Riley Barney (Chowchilla): Economic Analysis of an Improved Walnut Rootstock (Dr. Jason Liang)
  • Humberto Nunez (Visalia): Agricultural Business COVID-19 Impact (Dr. Neil Tung)

Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education

  • Katlyn McClellan (Ramona): Survey of Dairy Nutritionists (Dr. Kyle Thompson / Dr. Amanda McKeith)
  • Jocelyne Juarez (Shafter): Examining Soft Skills Development Through Participation in Career and Leadership Development Events (Dr. Steven Rocca)
  • Julianna Sullivan (Sanger): Body Condition Scoring in Dairy Cattle (Dr. Kyle Thompson / Dr. Amanda McKeith)

Food Science and Nutrition

  • Lauren Davis (Visalia): Dairy Product Development and Sensory Evaluation (Dr. Carmen Licon)
  • Vanessa Ramos (Porterville): Association of Nutritional Status with Survival in Patients with Solid Tumors at Community Cancer Institute: A Stage-based Analysis (Dr. Shabnam Pooya)

Plant Science

  • Gurbinder Kang (Fresno): Faba bean Germplasm Evaluation at Different Planting Dates (Dr. Ranjit Riar)
  • Mario Lemus (Lindsay): Cover Crops to Improve Water Infiltration in Compacted Soils (Dr. Florence Cassel Sharma)

Viticulture and Enology

  • Karley Curtis (Fresno): The Effect of Aging on Phenolic Content in Cabernet Sauvignon Wines made from Different Vine Canopy Treatments (Dr. Christy Sun)
  • Marnelle Salie (Oakdale): Use of Foliar Calcium Applications to Improve Table Grape Quality (Dr. Sonet Van Zyl)

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