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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Lindsay Mendonca, campus winery student assistant
Lindsay Mendonca, campus winery student assistant
Lindsay Mendonca, campus winery student assistant
Lindsay Mendonca, campus winery student assistant
Lindsay Mendonca, campus winery student assistant

Winery Student Spotlight: Lindsay Mendonca

In her first year working at the Fresno State winery, agricultural business sophomore Lindsay Mendonca has been a key asset helping manage its wine club, sales, marketing, logistics, and other administrative efforts. 

Read more about the first-generation college student who hails from a Tulare dairy farming background in this recent interview.


Q: Why did you choose to attend Fresno State?

Mendonca: "Fresno State has a great agricultural reputation and truly stands out against other universities. When I came to visit, it immediately felt like home."


Q: What has been your most rewarding experience at Fresno State?

Mendonca: "Joining a sorority. I am in the Gamma Lambda chapter, and it has been a great experience meeting new people. The students at Fresno State are truly exceptional!"


Q: What have been some of your favorite Fresno State classes and faculty?

Mendonca: "Political Science and Ag Economics, I just found them interesting, and I was able to understand the material easily. I think the right professors can make any class engaging and a positive learning experience."

Mendonca: "Dr. (Steven) Rocca is a really good professor in the area of ag education and is always willing to help out his students, one of the best in the Jordan College. Terence Wan, my academic advisor, has also been a great help. I had no idea what college was going to be like, and he helped guide me through my first year of classes."


Q: When did you start working on the campus farm, and how has it prepared you for your career path?

Mendonca: "I started working at the Fresno State Winery over the summer of 2020, and I am the office assistant and wine club president. This job has shown me what it takes to manage a business and how to work with customers."


Q: Are you a part of any clubs/organizations at Fresno State? 

Mendonca: "Besides Delta Gamma sorority, I am a part of the mock trial team and ag business club, and I was an Ag Ambassador."


Q: Have you participated in any other community outreach activities?

Mendonca: "In Ag Ambassadors we had a lot of activities that benefited our community. I also volunteered for FFA Field Days and represented Fresno State and the Jordan College at the World Ag Expo."


Q: Have you overcome any challenges to get where you are today that have shaped who you are?

Mendonca: "College is a completely new experience, I had to learn to adapt to my classes and living on my own at the same time. Managing school, my job, and social life has taught me an immense amount of responsibility."


Q: What's your potential next career path?

Mendonca: "As of right now, I want to go to law school and become an ag lawyer. However, if it doesn’t work out I will go into business, preferably a winery."