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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Christina Calderon

Student Spotlight: Christina Calderon

Fresno State senior Christina Calderon is sharing her love of horses not only with fellow students, but also with the varsity equestrian team by helping manage the campus student horse center.

The Fresno native has also helped manage the campus quarter horse unit's 30 horses that are used for various classes, FFA Field Day contests, and other outreach events through the department of animal science and agricultural education.

Learn more about the student who's also been an active member of the campus Young Cattlemen's Association & the Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch in this recent interview.


Q: Why did you choose Fresno State & why were you drawn to an animal science department?

Calderon: "I knew a little about Fresno State since my cousin, Tiana, graduated with a degree in business with an emphasis on marketing. Animal science appealed to me since I like being outside, and I get hands-on experience in working with animals that I enjoy being around."

Q: What was your most memorable experience at Fresno State?

Calderon: "Being employed at the farm's quarter horse unit and with athletics with their equestrian team was really rewarding."

"The coaches on the equestrian team had a big influence on me. By working with them very closely I learned a lot about myself but also about the industry as a whole. As individuals and as a team they opened new doors of employment to me that I never thought I would have. Beyond that they helped me with expanding on my knowledge in this field."

"While working with/ at quarter horse unit I was made the boarding manager which meant that I would be spending a good majority of my time in our Student Horse Center (SHC). While working on the SHC, I got to know a little bit about the team since a majority of the boarders at the time we’re currently on team. Being a part of that community expanded my horizons. One of the things that I appreciated the most while working with QHU is I got to meet a horse that I absolutely fell in love with."

Q: What were some of your favorite Fresno State classes and why?

Calderon: "My favorite class were taught by the school veterinarian, Dr. Gayle O’Bannon. She’s an amazing instructor, and I feel lucky to not only had her as an instructor but able to learn so much through her. "

Q: What was your background in agriculture before you started at Fresno State?

Calderon: "I had no prior experience with agriculture. My grandpa (who passed away before I was born) was a dairy farmer, and I would like to think he was my inspiration to pursue a degree in the agriculture industry."

Q: Were you a part of any clubs at Fresno State?

Calderon: "I was a member of the Block & Bridle club on campus, part of the Young Cattlemen’s student, and I got to attend their annual conference in Reno, Nevada. There I learned a lot about the industry and met new and potential employers."

Q: Are there any other interesting things about you & what's your next career step?

Calderon: "I am currently a volunteer at a therapy ranch out in the town of Academy. It is called Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch, and they work with medically fragile of the community. After I graduate, my next step is to hoped find a job in this industry."