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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Tyler Lentz
Tyler Lentz
Tyler Lentz

Plant Science Student Spotlight: Tyler Lentz

Recent #FresnoStateGrad Tyler Lentz earned a bachelor's degree in plant science, yet nearly as important on his career path has been the hands-on experience that he has gained on our University Agricultural Laboratory.

After not having any farm experience before arriving at Fresno State, the College of the Sequoias transfer has worked 1 1/2 years in the campus orchard and row crops unit and interned at Monrovia Nursery to gain key experience in a multitude of areas.

Learn more about the Exeter native who was originally drawn to the plant science field after working in a grocery store produce department in this recent interview.


Why did you choose to attend Fresno State?

Lentz: "I'm from the valley and when I was young I used to go to football games with my parents, so I knew if I ended up going to college I wanted to go to Fresno State."


Did you have any other family members that are Fresno State graduates?

Lentz: "My brother Eric graduated with a B.S. degree in history last year in 2019."


What was your most memorable experience at Fresno State?

Lentz: "I got to know some good professors and fellow classmates throughout my time here. As well as be apart of the Club Judo team which allowed me to meet even more." 


What were some of your favorite Fresno State classes and why?

Lentz: "Pathology was a very interesting class. I found the study of plant diseases to be very important and useful in identifying issues in plants."


Which faculty or staff members had the biggest influence on you while at Fresno State?

Lentz: "Dr. Wenger, Dr. Ellis, and Marlene Miyasaki had the biggest influence on me. They were all very supportive in my studies here at Fresno State and Dr. Wenger and Dr. Ellis really put a lot of thought and effort in their teaching, which I appreciated as a student."


Describe your work at any farm units, and how it prepared you for your career path?

Lentz: "I worked for the orchard unit under Rob Willmott for about a year and a half. I operated farm equipment as needed, checked irrigation lines for leaks, took soil and leaf samples in the field for testing, as well as assist in any other tasks that help farm operations."


Did you do any internships/part-time jobs while at Fresno State, and how did they help you professionally?

Lentz: "I did an internship at Monrovia Nursery for a summer as well as an internship at the Fresno State Orchard Unit. Both experiences have been very useful in helping me decide career paths. They helped show me what I might want to do with my degree and all the possibilities that are out there."


What's your next career step, and what profession do you plan to use your degree with eventually?

Lentz: "I'm still looking for a job, which has been tricky during the pandemic but I hope to be working for a local nursery at the end of July.


Are there people you would like to thank that have been key influences for you receiving your diploma?

Lentz: "I would like to thank my parents for everything they did to help me obtain my goals. If I didn't have great parents I would never have graduated, let alone gone back to school. Their support and aid in whatever I needed, made my time at Fresno State so much easier."