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The Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Kyler Varin
Kyler Varin
Kyler Varin
Kyler Varin
Kyler Varin

Ag Business Senior Spotlight: Kyler Varin

Fresno State agricultural business senior Kyler Varin has amassed an impressive mix of professional, leadership & networking experiences to help him on his career path. 

The third-generation Bulldog graduate served as president of the Ag Business Club and also held leadership positions for the Interfraternity Council and Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.

He also broadened his horizons with internships with Gar Bennett and the Fresno Center for International Trade Development and a study abroad trip to Spain. 

Learn more about this #FresnoStateGrad and transfer from Reedley College in this recent interview.

Why were you drawn to your department/degree field initially?

Varin: “I grew up in and around agriculture. My family has a farming operation that grows table grapes and raisins.”

What were some of your favorite Fresno State classes and why?

Varin: “Ag finance with Dr. (Todd) Lone (AGBS 130) was so in-depth with all the information and concepts. It’s great preparation for, not only any job, but life as well. Farm Appraisal (AGBS 136) is a unique class because it’s very hands-on. It provides beginners experience as to what the field is. Commodity Futures Trading (AGBS 162) is a very interesting part of agriculture that’s more prominent outside of the Central Valley."

Which faculty members had the biggest influence on you while at Fresno State and why?

Varin: “Not only did Dr. (Todd) Lone teach me a lot, but he’s pushed me to challenge my thought process, so as to be confident in my ideas. He’s helped me learn how to effectively work with people far different from myself. And he’s helped me strive to reach my goals.”

Varin: “Dr. (Serhat) Asci gave me opportunities to grow my leadership. He’s allowed me to make my leadership style and experience my own, while also providing support, guidance and an outside perspective.”


What are the next step in your career path?

Varin: “I want to get my masters. Then I want to pursue a career in the agricultural finance sector.”


Did you do any internships while at Fresno State?

Varin: “I was a field scout for Gar Tootelian, Inc.(now Gar Bennett, LLC.). I am currently a program management intern with the Fresno Center for International Trade Development.”


Did you participate in any campus organizations and were they involved in any outreach activities?

Varin: “Besides being president of the Agricultural Business Club, I was the administration chair and public relations chair for the campus Interfraternity Council. I was a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity and worked with alumni relations. They were active in the community helped others through canned food, coat and toiletry drives”

Did you travel to any  professional conferences or study abroad?

Varin: “I traveled to the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) conference in Anaheim with the Ag Business Club. I went to Rhonda, Spain in the summer of 2019 for the Global Wine Marketing Study Aboard Program with Dr. Lone. That trip pushed me outside my comfort zone, and we were able to have extremely unique experiences that regular tourists don’t get to have, like making our own wine blend.”  

Are there any other interesting notes about yourself that you would like to include?

Varin: “I was a transfer student from Reedley College. During my Presidency, we rebuilt the Ag Business Club from 3 members to 30 members.”


Are there people you would like to thank in your family that have been key influences for you receiving your diploma?

Varin: “My late grandmother, Bev Daniels, for teaching me the value of higher education and showing me the Bulldog spirit at a young age. My mother for her unconditional support and guidance, even when I didn’t deserve it. My girlfriend and all my friends for pushing me to be a better and stronger version of myself each day. My teachers for being patient, putting up with me, and giving me a great education.  And everyone else who has helped me along the way that I don’t have time to thank.”


Did you have any family members that also went to Fresno State?

Varin: “My grandmother, Bev Daniels was both a undergraduate and graduate at Fresno State. She did her undergraduate work in Kremen and then went on to get her masters in psychology. My grandfather, Ralph Moser, also went to Fresno State to obtain a degree in teaching and administration. My father, John Varin, got his degree in Nutrition from the Jordan College.”


What was your most memorable / rewarding experience at Fresno State?

Varin: “Being a part of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity and being able to study abroad.”