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Weed Science


Anil Shrestha

Current Graduate Students

Jon Drucks (Plant Science)

Margaret Fernando (Plant Science)

Takui Frynzyn (Viticulture & Enology)

Kelsey Galvan (Plant Science)

James Schaeffer (Plant Science)

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Paola Vidales Villicana (Plant Science)

Previous Graduate Students

Jorge Angeles (SRA University of California ANR)

Michelle Dennis (Branch Chief of the Integrated Pest Control Branch, CDFA, Sacramento)

Joy Hollingsworth (Farm Advisor, University of California ANR)

Marcelo Moretti (Asst. Professor, Oregon State University)

Elizabeth Mosqueda (Instructor, Madera Community College, Madera, CA)

Rama Paudel (PhD student, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Andrew Pokorny (Research Agronomist, Nutrien Ag Solutions, OR)

Christine Rainbolt

Sonia Rios (Farm Advisor, University of California ANR)

Katrina Steinhauer (Oro Agri, Fresno, CA)