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Department of Industrial Technology

Graduate Program in Industrial Technology

Industrial Tech graduate students convocation

The Industrial Technology program is a discipline associated with implementing, operating, and continuously improving systems of machines, materials and processes, as well as financial, human and energy resources.

The discipline emphasize the integration of technological management knowledge with leadership skills to help manufacturing/processing industries to achieve desired goals efficiently and with appropriate concern for the environment, ethics, quality and human diversity.

The function of the program is to continuously improve the managerial and technical knowledge of individuals by transferring and sharing the most recent technology and practices through cooperative efforts with industry, government and other educational institutions.

The program encourages research and problem solving, while providing services to the public, business and industrial sectors.

The Master of Science in Industrial Technology will provide a broad-based program to prepare individuals for technical management positions in business and manufacturing firms and teaching and administrative positions in applied technology.

The program provides a technology-based core of advanced courses in management of technology, production data analytics, applied sensor technology, advanced manufacturing systems, and research methodology.

The selection of elective courses in industrial technology, engineering, business and /or education will depend on the individual's educational and career objectives.

The individually tailored program will provide an opportunity for students to gain a broader technological expertise, stronger research orientation, and stronger business, oral and written communication skills. Each of these competencies is needed in both industry and education.


Department of Industrial Technology

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