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Dietetic Internship

Curriculum Overview

The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND®) Board granted the Food Science and Nutrition Department approval for a combined masters and dietetic internship program July 2021.

Potential candidates who will be applying for the DICAS spring 2023 match – the program designation will provide a 33-unit Master of science degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences and a minimum of 1,000 experiential supervised practice hours combined over a 24-month period. The Fresno State dietetic internship will accept 11 students into the program cohort annually.

MS/DI Class Roadmap

Master of Food & Nutrition Sciences with Internship, 33-unit Degree Pathway

Year 1 Fall:

  • FN 221T Statistical Methods for Food and Nutritional Sciences – (3 units CORE class)
  • FN 229 Seminar – (1 unit CORE class)
  • FN 230 Advanced Nutrition Counseling – (3 units ELECTIVE class)
  • NUTR 193I Supervised Practice – (1 cr/nc unit ELECTIVE class)

Year 1 Spring:

  • FN 200 Research Methodologies – (3 units CORE class)
  • FN 229 Seminar – (1 unit CORE class)
  • FN 250 Resource Management (3 units ELECTIVE class)
  • FSM 193I Supervised Work Experience (2 cr/nc units ELECTIVE class)

Year 2 Fall:

  • FN 223 Food Nutrition and Health – (3 units CORE class)
  • FN 298 Masters Culminating Project – (3 units ELECTIVE class)
  • FSM 193I Supervised Work Experience – (3 cr/nc units ELECTIVE class)

Year 2 Spring:

  • FN 229 Seminar – (1 unit CORE class)
  • FN 298 Masters Culminating Project – (3 units ELECTIVE class)
  • FN 290 Independent Study – (3 units ELECTIVE class)

GRAND TOTAL: 33 units – 12 CORE units + 21 ELECTIVE units

For a full class description list please visit the course catalog at:

Rotation Summary

The program curriculum rotation sites are listed below in the table (subject to change) and offer a minimum of 1,000 supervised practice hours. The supervised practice placements occur simultaneously whiles student graduates take masters level courses as outlined in the above infographic. 


Placement Options

Interns complete supervised practice experiences in a variety of facilities in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California, including a veterans' hospital, a state prison, a school district, private hospitals, out-patient programs and county public health department, and choices for speciality options. 


Main Track/Rotation Summary 2024

Segment Rotation Weeks Facilities

Medical Nutrition Therapy

12 week Professional Rotation(s)



3 weeks alternative/simulation study


Acute Care




Community Medical Center Clovis

Community Regional Medical-Downtown

Fresno Heart and Surgical Center

St. Agnes Medical Center (SAMC)

Veterans Administration (VACCHCS)

Clinical Specialty Age


Pediatrics (CRMC)

Diabetes (DCC and SEA)

Skilled Nursing / Consulting Dietetics

Sports Nutrition @ FS

Diabetes 1 VACCHCS

Out-Patient Counseling


Simulation Study – MNT/NCP

1 Self-Study

Simulation Study - Renal

1 Self-Study

Foodservice Systems Management


7 weeks Professional Rotation(s)






School Food Service


Kings Canyon Unified or Clovis Unified


2 State Prison




10 weeks Professional Rotation(s)



Health and Wellness


University Health and Psychological Services

Nutrition Education


Fresno County Public Health Department

Fresno State CalFresh Healthy Living



Fresno County EOC or United Health Cntr

Student Teaching


California Health Sciences University (CHSU)

Fresno City College (FCC)



3 weeks Professional Rotation



3 weeks of Elective 96 hours


Interns Seek/Find their own Elective –

FN 230 Adv. Counseling: students will create a
culturally appropriate screen assessment tool
for a said disease and/or counselling style.

FN 250 Business Resource Mgt: Business
Research/Team Task Assignment and Business
Presentation Pitch.

34 weeks of Tue-Friday rotation schedule = 1088 hours
Hours of Community Outreach Activity = 48 hours (may be alternative work experiences depending on COVID guidelines)
Hours of Professional Development = 16 hours
Total Hours: 1,088 supervised hours     

Course Plan

For more information visit the course catalog at
33 units of graduate credit see course catalog

*Some rotations use 2-4 facilities, accommodating 5 interns at each facility. The facilities are selected and the experiences are planned to be comparable.

Conditions for Program Completion

Requirements for Program Completion & Issuance of Verification Statement:  

  • Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 1,000 hours of supervised practice. 
  • Satisfactory completion of all rotations assigned by the Dietetic Internship Director. 
  • Satisfactory completion of all assignments in each rotation. 
  • Satisfactory completion of all additional assignments made by the Dietetic Internship Director.  
  • Earn a minimum of 70% (C grade) in all required graduate courses. 
  • Fulfill program requirements to earn Masters of Science (Food & Nutritional Sciences) 30 unit degree.

Maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA

Complete ALL program requirements mentioned above

Course requirements include: 33 units of graduate credit

Criteria for Issuance of Verification Statement - A verification statement will only be issued with BOTH the Master’s Degree requirement and the supervised practice hours have been completed and conferred.

Academic Calendar

Internship Calendar