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Equine Laboratory

Academic Programs and Activities

The Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science with an Equine emphasis. A Master of Science Degree program in Agricultural Science, with an emphasis in Animal Science, is also available.

For general information on the program visit the Department of Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education.

Students with their horses in class.

Equine Science courses include:

ASCI 51 - Horse Production 

Horse Production is a three unit course that is offered in the fall and covers the basics of horses. It includes history, basic anatomy, terminology, breeds, general selection of horses, how to care for horses and the general feeding of light horses. Lecture takes place in a classroom setting and the lab takes place at the Quarter Horse Unit on campus.                        

ASCI 56 - Beginning Colt Training

Beginning Colt Training is a three unit course and meets three times per week. This course emphasizes the safe and proficient handling of horses of all ages and training levels. Safety, horse psychology, and observable outcomes of training protocols are emphasized. Students who successfully complete this course should be prepared to handle horses according to industry standards. More information on the colt training program can be found by clicking on Student Opportunities in the navigation bar to the left. 

ASCI 57 - Advanced Colt Training 

Advanced Colt Training is a three unit course and also meets three times a week. This course builds on the progress and skills students acquire in ASCI 56. More information on the colt training program can be found by clicking on the Student Opportunities in the navigation bar to the left. 

ASCI 151 - Advanced Horse Management

Advanced Horse Management is the upper division course to ASCI 51: Horse Production. This three unit course covers advanced principles of reproduction, breeding systems, nutrition, and exercise physiology. The course consists of lectures in a classroom setting and labs at our Quarter Horse Unit on campus each week. This course helps prepare students for a diverse set of careers within the equine industry.  

ASCI 153 - Stable Management

Stable Management is a three unit course. This course offers an overview of horse farms and stable management applications. It will also cover the impact of management practices on the animal, on the environment, and the economic traits. This course allows students to gain more experience by going to different stables around the central valley and gain more in-depth and specific knowledge on stable management. 

ASCI 180, ASCI 190, ASCI 194 - Undergraduate Research, Independent Study or Agriculture Internship

ASCI 180 - Open to juniors and seniors who work on a project that addresses a suitable agriculture problem in animal science.

ASCI 190 - See academic placement independent study. 

ASCI 194 - Open to students in junior and senior standing only. Must obtain approval of an internship committee. Course is designed to be used by students doing off-campus industry related internships only. 

Full course descriptions can be found in the Fresno State General Catalog.

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Equine Science courses fill specific curriculum requirements for students pursuing an Equine Science emphasis within the B.S. degree program in Animal Science.

Students pursuing any major can take Equine Science courses as electives if there is room for them in the course. Priority is given to Equine Science students first.