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Department of Industrial Technology

National Association Of Industrial Technology(NAIT)

Welcome to New the National Association Of Industrial Technology (NAIT) - CSU Fresno Local Chapter Homepage

Benefits of Certification:

  • Professionals who are certified communicate that they have attained a certain level of expertise in a specified field or area. Certification is a mark of distinction - something that sets one apart from the rest.
  • Certification is beneficial to employers because it denotes a quality educational background and provides assurances about an individual's knowledge, application of that knowledge, and continuing professional development.
  • The process of developing and maintaining a certification program has a positive effect on the discipline of Industrial Technology by sharpening our focus on who we are and what we can do.
  • Certification provides a communication link between individuals and their professional organizations and the professional community. It demonstrates an individual's commitment to continuing professional development and to the profession.
  • Through certification the professional continues to grow and develop higher areas of expertise. Requirements for professional development units (PDUs) provide incentives to participate in technical seminars, training experiences, and college classes.

Eligibility for Certification

Individuals meeting the following criteria are eligible to be certified by NAIT:

  • Certified Industrial Technologist (CIT)
  • Certified Senior Industrial Technologist (CSIT)

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