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Center For Irrigation Technology

Student Involvement

The Center for Irrigation Technology invites both undergraduate and graduate students to seek research and/or employment opportunities through the center. Financial support is available from both public and private sources. Contact CIT at (559) 278-2066 for more information.

CIT Student Involvement PhotoWith his hand reflecting the light of a laser beam, hydraulics laboratory technician Hercules Gonsalves shows how laser technology also can be used to measure the size of water drops sprayed by a sprinkler. Gonsalves is a graduate student at Fresno State majoring in agricultural education, with an emphasis in mechanics. He works 20 hours a week for CIT setting up and managing a variety of research projects.





CIT Student Involvement PhotoFresno State student Marcello Bomfim also spends about 20 hours a week involved in research at the Center for Irrigation Technology. The work enables him to cover education costs and to learn first-hand methods of conducting research trials such as this one, where he is helping to evaluate a new type of turf irrigation system using "turf bubblers."