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California Agricultural Technology Institute

Water technology conference returns to Clovis

Top minds in water technology and policy issues will share their vision for enhancing cooperation, efficiency

Charles Fishman
Charles Fishman

New York Times bestselling author Charles Fishman will serve as keynote speaker for the 2012 Water Technology Conference to be held in Clovis, California May 2 and 3.

The biennial conference, sponsored by Fresno State s International Center for Water Technology (ICWT), will bring together some of the best minds in water technology and science, along with regional water policy experts, to discuss real solutions for the water use issues challenging California, the nation and the world.

Fishman is a former metro and national reporter for the Washington Post and author of The Big Thirst, published in 2011. In The Big Thirst, Fishman offers a lyrical examination of the beauty and wonder of water, then delves into the economics and politics of water use. Following years of research into water issues worldwide, Fishman s simple conclusion is that there is plenty of water on this planet we just need to use it wisely.

Many civilizations have been crippled or destroyed by an inability to understand water or manage it, Fishman writes. We have a huge advantage over the generations of people who have come before us, because we can understand water and we can use it smartly.

In addition to Fishman s keynote address on Thursday, May 3rd, the conference will feature an assortment of special sessions where scientists and technology innovators will share the latest in research and developments aimed at storing, cleaning and moving water efficiently.

Dennis E. Williams, founder and president of GEOSCIENCES Support Services Inc., will share insights he has gained from more than 35 years in groundwater hydrology experience in an address titled, Prospecting for Groundwater.

Tim Quinn, executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), will discuss the challenges the state s water agencies face in serving their clients and valuing the priorities of competing entities. His presentation is titled, Coequal Goals: Are We Getting Closer or Further Away?

Thursday morning panel discussion topics include Water Banking and Exchanges and Nitrates in Groundwater. Concurrent breakout sessions that afternoon will enable participants to hear scientists and technology specialists speak on agricultural water use, groundwater issues, and urban water policies.

Water technology and irrigation system manufacturers and service providers will host exhibits outlining new and innovative products. The exhibits will be open to the public Wednesday afternoon at no charge.

In addition to the ICWT, event partners include Fresno State s Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT), the American Society of Irrigation Consultants, the American Groundwater Trust, and the California Agricultural Irrigation Association. Planners anticipate attendance of 350 or more participants and exhibitors.

The ICWT is a public-private partnership supporting development and application of advanced technologies that enhance water use for urban, environmental and agricultural purposes. Through applied technology, the ICWT s goal is to provide efficient first use and effective reuse of water supplies worldwide. The core mission of the ICWT is to conduct good science which can then form the basis for policy development, technical innovation and the management of finite resources.

Sponsorships and exhibit space were still available at the time of this writing. For more information or to register for the event, visit the ICWT website at or call (559) 278-2066.