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Viticulture and Enology Research Center

Current Projects

VERC Affiliated researchers are currently working on the projects listed below:

Advanced Robotics in Viticulture
Boost Aroma Quality
Calcium application effects on table grapes.
Controling Vine Mealybug
The effects of foliar applied calcium carbonate in table grapes – from berry formation to post harvest storage
Agajanian Vineyards and Winery: Grape juice sample analysis (Industry service Project)
Allied Grape Growers: Grape juice sample analysis (Industry Service Project)
Grape Sensing Comp
Negative Effects: Winery Wastewaster
Non-Invasive Hybrid: Chem Comp in Grapes
Pichia Kluyveri on Wines 
POTG Mapping: Grape Composition
Producing red wine from field condition grapes with different rot levels.
Remote Sensing: Virus Infections
Salt Stress & Soil
Smoke Taint
Spatial Analysis of Soils
Calibrating spoilage effects in wine using analytical and sensorial data. 
SW Ground Water Capacity
Tools for Saline Management
USDA Spatial Analysis of Soils
Variable Rate Irrigation
Virus Infected Grapevine
Weed Population Dynamics