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Department of Industrial Technology

Program Description

Programs of study prepare leaders in science, technology, management, and design. Individual programs are planned to provide for professional careers in teaching, business, and industry.

The Industrial Technology program is accredited by the National Association for Industrial Technology and recognized as one of the premier programs in the nation. Emphasis is placed on training men and women for industrial management positions.


The faculty are well qualified within their respective areas of instruction and each student is assigned an academic adviser within his or her field of study. The department is recognized for its diversification of faculty representing the makeup of professionals that must interact in the field. Several are recognized for outstanding contributions and leadership within their professions.

Instructional Facilities

Modern department facilities are equipped with robots, numerical control machines, programmable logic controllers, flexible manufacturing cells, and computer graphic workstations. IBM's selection of California State University, Fresno to join the National Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (ClM) Alliance has significantly enhanced the department's ability to deliver instruction using state-of-the-art technology.

Career Opportunities

Industrial Technology

It is projected that industrial technology graduates will be in high demand for many years. The reason for this demand is that manufacturing- and service-oriented industries are reorganizing facilities and personnel to facilitate contemporary management systems and technologies. Industry needs qualified technical managers who can contribute to better product reliability, efficiency, and improved productivity. Examples of positions held by industrial technology graduates are assistant plant engineer, test service representative, manufacturing engineer, operations supervisor, production planning analyst, production scheduling coordinator, and quality control supervisor.

Industrial and Technology Education Teachers

Teachers are in short supply. The need will become even greater as new curriculum programs emerge in industrial and technological education. This demand is attributed to emerging technologies and expanded applications for industrial and technological education.