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Department of Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology Curriculum


General Education: 48 units

Major Requirements

Technical Core: 29 units
Management Core: 22 units
Electives: 17 units
Additional Requirements: 1 unit
Total: 120 units


General Education (GE) Requirements

  • Phys 2A for Area B1
  • IT 20 for Area D2


Major Requirements

Industrial Technology Major Requirements
Course No. Course Title Units
Technical Core
IT 30 Exploring Industrial Technology  1
IT 52 Electricity and Electronics 3
IT 74 Manufacturing Processess 3
IT 104 Product Design 3
IT 106 Energy Conversion and Utilization 3
IT 114 Industrial Materials 3
IT 115 Design and Documentation Systems 3

IT 133 OR

IT 156

Industrial Process Control II 

Automated Systems II


DS 73 OR 

Math 11



Chem 3A Introduction to General Chemistry 4
Total Technical Core  29
Management Core
IT 92 Industrial Safety Management 3
IT 117 Quality Assurance 3
IT 118 Production Operations 3

IT 137 OR 

IT 184

International Quality Standards 

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

IT 148 Project Management and Control 3
IT 196 Senior Seminar 1
IT 198W Technical Writing 3
IT 199 Senior Problems 3
Total Management Core 22



Consult with a department advisor to develop 17 units of electives. Electives should be chosen from the following list with advisor's approval: IT 12, IT 41, IT 58, IT 63, IT 71, IT 80, IT 110, IT 112, IT 116, IT 120, IT 127, IT 129, IT 131, IT 133, IT 134, IT 146, IT 147, IT 156, IT 164, IT 165, IT 190, IT 191T, IT 194I


Additional Requirements

PHYS 2A, IT 20 either MATH 75 or DS 71 (Note: PHYS 2A and IT 20 satisfy two G.E. area requirements [B1 and D2]. MATH 75 or DS 71 satisfies G.E. area B4 requirements and meets the core course prerequisites. Consult the Class Schedule for a current list of approved G.E. courses).

Other Requirements

American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2), Multicultural and International (MI), and Upper-division writing. Industrial Technology majors are exempt from the MI requirement and take IT 198W with a grade of C or higher to fulfill the Upper-Division Writing requirement. 

Advising Notes

  • All courses (except IT 194) required for the major must receive a letter grade.
  • Students must complete IT 198W with a grade of C or higher (to be taken no sooner than the term in which 60 units are completed) to fulfill the upper-division writing skills graduation requirement.