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Institute for Food and Agriculture

Sara Griffin and class

Food Innovation Guild

The Food Innovation Guild (FIG) encourages local food entrepreneurs and industry partners to get valuable insight, consultation and assistance on their product development projects and services from food science, culinary science and human nutrition students at Fresno State.

Sara Griffin and FIG group

FIG was created in 2023 to connect Fresno State Food Science and Nutrition Department, faculty, staff and students in new ways to the food industry and community and showcase the bountiful harvest of ingredients, products and food-centric innovation.  

Besides opening up its campus facilities and expertise, the program offers a host of educational resources tied to ingredient use, food analysis and production, nutrition labeling, and customer sensory testing.  

Jackfruit lab

We know to be successful in any endeavor it takes

  • Knowledge, preparation and lifelong learning
  • Professional skills and experience
  • Good taste and judgment
  • Dedication to excellence and safety
  • Strong industry support, relationships, communication, trust and interaction
  • Commitment to efficiency and sustainability
  • Emphasis on individuality and creativity

Hot sauce processing

  • We value students and the opportunity to innovate and problem solve with food outside of the traditional
    classroom setting.
  • We value relationships that support clients and their drive to create innovative and diverse products and services.
  • We value efficiently aggregating, processing, and preserving produce, and utilizing fresh, local ingredients.
  • We are committed to food education, reducing food waste, and showcasing delicious, regional fruits and vegetables for all in our Fresno State community.
  • We value collaborations and connections with alumni and other industry members that support innovation and new products and services.   

Sara Griffin and Brianna Price use microscope

FIG creates a platform that offers Fresno State resources to serve an underserved network of food producers as they create new products and services, while encouraging principles of sustainability, nutrition, education and support of locally grown food.  

hot sauce processing

  • Offer rental kitchen space for industry members for product development, production and packaging with Fresno State student assistance
  • Offer sensory lab testing and support in product development
  • Promote collaborative partnerships between industry members, food trade organizations and other support organizations
  • Embrace the diversity of the Central Valley and its array of culinary offerings
  • Teach food safety and sanitation principles and other forms of education

hot sauce processing

  • Spartan Sauces
  • The CAPN’s Mushroom Company
  • Chef D Culinary Services
  • All Jack Jackfruit Products