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Institute for Food and Agriculture

COOP Academy


Who is COOP Academy for?

The target audience for each course includes higher education learners, industry professionals, and executive teams looking to advance knowledge, skill sets, and leadership ability in the area of welfare. Some courses do require prerequisites, or a demonstration of understanding of basic concepts prior to enrollment.


Level 1

learners with limited previous knowledge on animal or poultry science and without industry experience.

Level 2

learners with understanding of the poultry industry and supply chain, either through education or experience.

Level 3

learners with significant education and/ or experience in poultry production and welfare.

Level 4

Learners operating in managerial or public-facing positions

It is recommended to use a computer for the best viewing experience.Make sure you have a high bandwidth, low latency internet connection to avoid slow response times and pixelated images. For video, we recommend a bandwidth of 3 Mbps for regular video or 5 Mbps for HD and latency less than 50ms. Generally, performance is good over wifi if latency is less than 100ms. 
Check your speed and latency

Prior to enrollment, learners must complete an application. Applicants who are approved will be provided access to the course catalog. Enrollment can take up to 2 weeks to process.

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How do I enroll?
  • Learners will first submit an application to determine participation eligibility. Once processed, enrolled learners will be allowed to select free and/or paid courses to complete. Participation in some courses may require demonstration of baseline knowledge or prerequisite completion of a previous course.
What is the course format?
  • Most courses are designed to be asynchronous. In some cases, you will have a limited number of days to complete the enrolled course, unless an extension is requested.
How is eligibility determined?
  • Course participation is limited. Applicants including students enrolled in higher education institutions, and current poultry industry members will be prioritized. 
Do I need to be a university student to participate?
  • No