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Institute for Food and Agriculture

COOP Training Modules

COOP has partnered with the International Poultry Welfare Alliance (IPWA) to develop online training modules for the IPWA-developed Key Welfare Indicator Guides.


Who is COOP Academy for?

The target audience for each course includes higher education learners, industry professionals, and executive teams looking to advance knowledge, skill sets, and leadership ability in the area of welfare. Some courses do require prerequisites, or a demonstration of understanding of basic concepts prior to enrollment. 

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How to Sign Up

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It is recommended to use a computer for the best viewing experience. Make sure you have a high bandwidth, low latency internet connection to avoid slow response times and pixelated images. For video, we recommend a bandwidth of 3 Mbps for regular video or 5 Mbps for HD and latency less than 50ms. Generally, performance is good over wifi if latency is less than 100ms. 
Check your speed and latency

Participants can enroll through the eMarket. There, you can select a course or course bundle. After payment, you will receive an access code to enroll. For questions about sponsorships, supporting student scholarships, or any other question, please contact

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How do I enroll?
  • Select the Enroll Here link above. Add courses to your cart, and proceed through checkout. The confirmation receipt will provide information as to registration instructions.
What is the course format?
  • Most courses are designed to be asynchronous and completed at your own pace. In some cases, you will have a limited number of days to complete the enrolled course, unless an extension is requested.

How do I enroll multiple people into one course?

  • Select the number of course seats (one per person). Once you receive the confirmation receipt, you will find registration instructions. Each person will need to register in the learning management system separately.
How do I earn a certificate?
  • You will be prompted to take a final exam at the end of each course. Completing this assessment with a grade of 80% or better will result in the successful completion of the course. After the exam, you will be prompted to provide a mailing address for an optional certificate to be sent to you.
Do I need to be a university student to participate?
  • No. You will be asked to input your student ID number if you are a Fresno State student.