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Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutritional Sciences,
Food Technology Option


Program Description

The Food Technology Option of the Bachelor of Science in Food Science prepares students for a wide range of professions in the food industry, the largest single industry in the United States. Located in the center of the world’s most productive food processing region, the Fresno State Food Science Program is ideally suited to provide students with both a strong academic and practical education in food science. Students can gain practical experience by working in the Fresno State Creamery, developing food products to be sold at the Gibson Farm Market, or research experience through The Institute for Food and Agriculture. Students can also participate in internships, projects, supervised work experience, and cooperative research.



The mission of the Food Science Program is to facilitate the education and training of qualified students in the area of Food Science. This is accomplished through the teaching of basic and advanced concepts in the classroom and through application of theory in realistic laboratory settings. The faculty is dedicated to multidisciplinary, integrated, problem solving approach, which emphasize industry and community involvement in the educational process. The goal is to produce highly motivated, ethical, and educated individuals who will contribute to the advancement of the food industry.


Program Outcomes 

  1. Graduates will meet the minimum academic requirements in sync with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Undergraduate Education Standards for Degrees in Food Science.  
  2. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and skills in food science that meet the expectations of potential employers in the food science industry.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate written and oral communication skills that meet the expectation of potential employers in the food science industry.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate problem-solving skills that meet the expectations of potential employers in the food science industry.

Program Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Food Science, Food Technology Option, has a minimum requirement of 120 semester units. All university students are required to complete a minimum of 51 units of General Education. Major Requirements are those courses taken in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. Additional Requirements include support courses such as chemistry, microbiology, mathematics, and physics.


Application Procedure

The Food Technology Option does not have additional requirements for admission other than the requirements for university admissions.
Applications are available from the internet at

  • Select “Apply Online”
  • Select “Undergraduate Admission Applications”
  • Follow the instructions provided
  • When completing the application:
    • Intended Major: Food Science- Food Technology
    • What is your degree objective?: BS
  • When finished be sure to save and submit


Please note there is an application fee of $70.00 due at the time of submitting the online application.



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For more information

For more information: on this program, please contact the Coordinator of the Food Technology option, Erin Dormedy, PhD., CFS.  If you do not receive a timely response from this faculty member and it is during the University's summer, winter or spring, please contact the Department of Food Science and Nutrition for more information.