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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

         Ambassador 2023

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Agricultural Ambassadors is to:

  1. Promote Agricultural Programs: Agricultural Ambassadors are responsible for promoting the university's agricultural programs, courses, and research initiatives. This involve's participating in recruitment events, giving presentations to prospective students, and engaging with the community to highlight the benefits of agricultural. 
  2. Promote Student Recruitment: Ambassadors play a role in recruiting new students to the agricultural programs. They serve as leaders and share their own experiences, provide information about the curriculum, and assist in answering questions from prospective students.
  3. Promote Networking: Building and maintaining relationships within the agricultural industry is a bug part of what Ambassadors do. Ambassadors might attend industry events, connect with alumni, and establish partnerships that benefit both students and the university. As well as volunteering at universities, conferences, and other agricultural events. 

These are to be accomplished through the active recruitment of undergraduate students, by California State University, Fresno students whose major is within the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology.

Our Ambassador Goals

  1. Present our College and University in a positive manner;
  2. Provide quality presentations in classrooms state-wide;
  3. Maintain positive attitudes & team relations;
  4. Present well planned, organized events;
  5. Visit major community college agriculture programs;
  6. Target local high school agriculture programs;
  7. Plan and present informative outreach events;
  8. Update and improve JCAST outreach booth display;
  9. Build solid relationships through collaboration with faculty; and
  10. Have fun!