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Meat Science Laboratory Scholarship Endowment

The Meat Science Laboratory Scholarship Endowment was established by a group of alumni from the Meat Science program to support current Jordan College students working at the meat laboratory.

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Josh Hasty, class of 2014

Josh HastyJosh Hasty grew up in Cleburne, TX and has always had a passion for agriculture. He is a proud alumnus of Fresno State as well as a former Meat Lab student manager. Josh is now a Sr. Food Scientist at Cargill. The education and experiences that Josh received while working at the meat lab at Fresno State forever changed his life and gave him hands-on experiences within the meat industry that would not have been available at other institutions. He genuinely believes that the hands-on education that the Fresno State Meat Lab offers is second to none, and is without a doubt one of the best educational experiences he has had in his life. Because of the positive experience that he and many of his best friends had there, he wants to help other students to have the same life-changing experience that he had by giving something back to the school that gave him so much. 

Macc Rigdon, class of 2013

Macc RigdonMacc Rigdon was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. With no experience in agriculture until his enrollment in the Jordan College, he began to develop a passion for Meat Science through his work at the Fresno State Meat Lab. After gainful employment at the Meat Lab, Macc went on to earn his Master of Science degree and is currently working on his Ph.D. in meat science. The meat lab was integral in his understanding and application of concepts that were taught in the class room. Considering the experience that was afforded to him through the meat lab he felt that giving back to the institution and students that experienced similar aspects of what Fresno State has to offer would be rewarding. 

Chad Bower, class of 2013

Chad BowerChad Bower grew up in Clovis, CA and was very involved with FFA, including Meat Judging and showing cattle. Chad managed the Fresno State meat lab as a student from 2010 to 2013, and was President of the Meat Science Club during that time. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Meat Science and Muscle Biology at the University of Nebraska. Chad sincerely values the practical education he received from Fresno State, the hands-on experience from working in the meat lab, as well as the invaluable networking and travel experiences he received with the Meat Science Club. Chad and his wife, Jesse, a Fresno State graduate in Agricultural Education and former Meat Science Club Secretary, are proud to give back to a program that awarded them both with such an instrumental undergraduate experience, and hope that students for years to come can experience the same. 

Kyle Mendes, class of 2014

Kyle MendesKyle Mendes grew up in Modesto, CA on a small farm.  He always had a passion for agriculture and knew he wanted to have a career in the ag industry.  Kyle transferred to Fresno State as a junior, where he began working in the meat lab.  What Kyle thought would just be a job to pay the bills quickly turned into much more than that.  He found his true passion and career path.  Not only did the meat lab provide him with hands-on skills he continues to use every day, but it also allowed him the opportunity to be on the Fresno State Meat Judging Team.  Kyle can confidently say he would not be where he is today without his education and experiences gained in the Fresno State Meat Lab.  He is now attending the University of Florida where he is working on his Master of Science degree in Meat Science and coaching the Meat Judging Team.  Kyle hopes to help other students obtain the same invaluable educational and hands-on skills he gained in the meats lab.

John Woodcock, class of 2016

John WoodcockJohn Woodcock grew up in Clovis, CA and is is currently working as a Food Microbiology Technician for Food Safety Net Services in the Fresno lab. He began working at the Fresno State Meat Lab in August 2012 as an incoming freshman and it quickly became a second home and the people that he worked with became family. The Meat Lab not only taught him more about the degree he was going to school for, but also important business skills such as customer service, employee training, and assisting management. This is why he personally wants to help those who are currently employed at the Fresno State Meat Lab in the hopes they have the same great experience he did. 

Chance Reeder, class of 2015

Chance ReederChance Reeder is from Pixley, CA. He was brought up and raised around many different aspects of agriculture and that is what led to his passion for agriculture. Chance attended Fresno State and that is where he found a desire to continue to work in the agricultural field. He was lucky enough to work at the Meat Laboratory and even become the student manager of the lab for a period of time. After graduation, Chance went on to work for Yosemite Meat Company in Modesto, CA where he is currently the Plant Superintendent for the company. Chance appreciates the experience and education he received during his time at Fresno State and can truly say that nothing has helped him succeed more in life than being a part of the Fresno State Meat Laboratory. Due to his gratefulness and appreciation of the program, he felt like he needed to give back to something that has given so much to him. 

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