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Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program

Application Procedure

Now Available!
You can now use a MS Word form template that allows you to type in the information for an application.  Click here to open or download the template.  Type in the information, using the Tab or Enter key to move between the entry blocks, then print and sign the application and send in the package as you normally would.  Note that some of the entries will be made automatically for you.

[Note: you have to have your Macro Security setting at Medium or Low to use this form. Click Tools/Macro/Security on the main MS Word menu to check your security settings.]

The first step is to obtain an application form. Contact one of the APEP offices, check with your local pump service or pump test company, or:

  1. Complete and sign the application Agreement. Read all statements on pages 1a and 1b carefully. By signing this Agreement you are certifying that all statements are true.
  2. Calculate the potential incentive on page 2.
  3. Describe the project as much as possible using page 3.This section must be completed.
  4. Make a copy of the entire application and documentation, for your records, then mail the following to the main APEP office:
    • The original signed completed pages 1a, 1b, 2, and 3.
  5. Documentation of the last 12 months' energy use or a documentable estimate of the next 12 months' energy use (note that the application contains examples of the calculations and what would be a reasonable method of estimating future energy use).
  6. Copy of a pump efficiency test performed after June 1, 2002 but within five (5) years of the project start.  Also, the pump efficiency tests required for an incentive application do not have to be performed by APEP Participating Pump Test Companies.  However, APEP reserves the right to reject tests it deems invalid or inaccurate.

We will notify you of Application approval, rejection or the need for more information. Please note that no faxed applications will be accepted.

  1. When the accepted project is complete, paid for, and the post-retrofit pump test is competed, mail the following to the main APEP office:
    • "The Certificate of Completion, which is in the application form.
    • Copies of invoices marked PAID by the pump service company or copies of cancelled checks along with invoices.
    • Copy of the post-project pump efficiency test.

IMPORTANT! The invoices must clearly state all work that was performed, including retrofit and replacement of parts, labor, and diagnostics.

IMPORTANT! You can use the last 12 months' energy use or the future 12 months' energy use as the basis for the incentive. However, if using the future 12 months then you will have to wait until those 12 months' billing records are available before any incentive is paid. Also, the actual incentive will be based on the actual 12 months' energy use, not the estimate contained in the original application.

IMPORTANT! You are required to submit pre-retrofit and post-retrofit pump efficiency tests. These tests do NOT have to be performed by APEP Participating Pump Test Companies. However, APEP reserves the right to reject the tests as invalid and inaccurate.

All Material should be mailed to:

Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program
Center for Irrigation Technology
6014 N. Cedar
Fresno, CA 93710

Refer to the Program Policies and Procedures Manual for current details.