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Department of Agricultural Business

Program Goals

The Department has four goals and five student learning outcomes for the Agricultural Business program. It is recognized that many of the outcomes impact more than one goal. Thus, measurement of individual student learning outcomes will aid in assessing the success of achieving multiple goals within the program..

A. Graduates will understand the importance of fundamental economic concepts and quantitative methods as crucial aids to decision making in agribusiness and government.

B. Graduates will understand and utilize basic business concepts associated with management, marketing, and finance in order to comprehend and effect change in the private and public sectors.

C. Graduates will develop strong communication skills, both oral and written, for the purpose of conveying the results of business analyses in a clear, persuasive, and informative manner.

D. Graduates will develop skills necessary for day-to-day business operations and career advancement in a variety of agribusiness and/or government organizations.