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Graduate Laboratory

Safety Rules

Graduate Lab Safety Training

  1. Know where fire extinguishers are located and how to use them.
  2. Know where eyewash/ showers are located and how to use them.
  3. Eye protection must be worn at all times in the lab. This can be goggles or safety glasses. Goggles must be worn when working with acids or bases with concentrations greater than 1 n.
  4. Aprons or lab coats should be worn.
  5. You must work in the hood when using strong acids or bases i.e. Greater than 2 normal.
  6. Goggles, face shield, gloves, and apron must be worn when working with chemicals in the fume hood.
  7. All containers must be labeled as to contents. (use a marking pen)
  8. Do not work alone in the lab when conducting hazardous procedures.
  9. All waste from experiments should be put in a labeled bottle.(see the technician for more information.)
  10. All lab procedures should be checked out with the lab technician.
  11. Clean the balance area after you are finished.
  12. All flammable solvents should be kept in flammable solvent cabinets.
  13. Report all accidents to the lab technician.
  14. Call 911 for all emergencies.
  15. Know the location of telephones in the lab.
  16. Read and understand the material safety data sheets, msds, for all chemicals.
  17. Know the safety concerns of all procedures and equipment you use.
  18. Always use pipette bulbs to pipette solutions. Never use your mouth to pipette solutions.
  19. Report unsafe conditions.
  20. All needles and glass should be put in special containers.
  21. If chemicals are spilled, follow spill procedure posted in the hallway.