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Graduate Laboratory

Agri 201 - Lab Techniques

Nature of the Course

  • Agri 201 focuses on agricultural problem solving through the application of advances in laboratory technology to animal science, food science and plant science. Theory and operation of scientific instruments and techniques are taught.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. For students to develop the laboratory skills needed to complete graduate thesis research.
  2. For students to become informed consumers of laboratory methods and results.
    1. Evaluate and select analytical methods.
    2. Evaluate results provided by laboratories.
  3. For students to be able to apply analytical methods to specific agricultural problems.
  4. For students to demonstrate a knowledge of laboratory instruments, methods and safety.
  5. For students to learn basic analytical chemistry principles.
  6. For student to be able to use computers for communication (e-mail) and data manipulation.

Recommended Text

  • Kenkal, J. (1994) Analytical Chemistry for Technicians, published by CRC press

Agri 201 Resources

Agri 201 Sample Problems