Sprinkler Profiles  
To help increase irrigation efficiency!

The Center for Irrigation Technology now offers all of its sprinkler profiles free of charge.  These profiles will be updated as new sprinklers are tested.  Profile tests from other manufacturers will be added as they become available.

To see a listing and view the profiles CIT has available, click here.

To use these files, you must be a registered user and download the latest versions of SPACE Pro, SPACE, Hyper-SPACE, or SIS

The profile files are stored in compressed ZIP files.  Once you download them, you will need to uncompress them with a program like WINZIP.  You can get a copy of WINZIP by following this link.  You may want to create separate data directories for each of these zipped files as some may contain matching file names.

Testing Lab File Download
CIT (updated May 18, 2005) cit.zip
Rain Bird rainbird.zip
Rain Bird HEVAN Sprayheads rainbird hevan.zip
Hunter I20 (updated August 13, 2008) hunteri20.zip
Hunter I25 (updated June 17, 2004) hunteri25.zip
Hunter I35 (updated January 14, 2008) hunteri35.zip
Hunter I40 (updated June 17, 2004) hunteri40.zip
Hunter I60 (updated June 17, 2004) hunteri60.zip
Hunter I90 (updated June 17, 2004) hunteri90.zip
Hunter MP Rotator (updated August 4, 2008) huntermp.zip
Hunter Golf 2004 (updated May 10, 2005) huntergolf.zip
Hunter G880 (updated January 30, 2003) g880.zip
Hunter PGJ (updated June 17, 2004) hunterpgj.zip
Hunter PGP (updated June 17, 2004) hunterpgp.zip
Hunter PGP Blue (updated January 14, 2008) pgpblue.zip
Hunter PGP Blue (updated January 14, 2008) pgpblue.zip
Hunter PGP Ultra (updated September 21, 2009) pgpultra.zip


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