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Drip Emitter/Microsprinkler Index

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The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) routinely tests drip emitters and microsprinklers.  The following index represents all current test reports on file.  Copies of these reports are available from the center (for a nominal fee to cover copying, postage, and handling).

These pages are an index of available data only.  Complete test data for all emitters and microsprinklers is available in book form.

In providing results on any product tested, neither CIT nor California State University, Fresno endorses that product or implies preference over similar products not listed.  Contact the center at (559) 278-2066 for further details.

CIT performs three types of tests on drip emitters and microsprinklers as follows:

For all three types of tests, the Coefficient of Uniformity (CU), Emission Uniformity (EU), and Manufacturers Variability (Cv) are calculated for each pressure tested.

Agrifim Amiad
Antelco Aquapore
Arab Drip Bowsmith
C.T.A. Chapin
Coffee Agriworks, Ltd. Dig Corporation
DIS Disco
Drip Line Andaluc�a, S. A. Drip Tape Manufacturers And Engineers
Drip-In Ecodrip
Efco Epc Irrigation Ltd.
Eurodrip Fitco
Gaia Growmax
Hardie HB Systems
Hit Irri-Namic
Irridelco Irrigotec
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, India Jim Fogg
Misti Maid, Inc. Naan
National Plastic Sharjah Nelson Irrigation
Netafim Olson
Pepco Pepco Ag
Plassim Plastro
Porous Pipe Technologies Precision Porous Pipe, Inc.
Queen Gil Rain Bird
Rain Drip Roberts
Shade Net Siplast
Super - Tuf T-Systems
Toro Toro Ag

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